Housekeeping in the pharmacy

  • Lorraine Osman


Yes, you read that correctly. But we’re not talking about the housekeeping you do at home! We’re going to have a look at the importance of housekeeping in the pharmacy. It’s so important that the Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) rules require the pharmacy to have a standard operating procedure on housekeeping, i.e. a document that clearly states who must do what, as well as how and when they must do it. Housekeeping is a critical part of the work of both pharmacists and pharmacy support personnel.

It’s not just about making the pharmacy look good. There are two basic factors that influence housekeeping in the pharmacy – safety and productivity. There are many benefits to keeping your working environment both clean and orderly. Even the way you pack the medicines on the shelves will contribute to safety and productivity. Efficient housekeeping in pharmacy may reduce or even prevent several incidents that can affect the health and safety of both the patient and the staff.

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